4 Ways To Use Essential Oils

Now that you’ve got your essential oils, how on earth do you use them?! Below are 4 different ways to use essential oils.

Aromatically: using essential oils this way can help with emotional support. Put 2-3 drops in palms of your hands, rub your hands together and inhale deeply. You could also drop 2-3 drops of oil into a bowl of hot water, then cover your head and the bowl with a towel. Breathe in deeply and slowly. Lastly you can diffuse 4-6 drops of oil in your diffuser ✨

Topically: many oils are safe to use directly on your skin, which is referred to as using the oil “neat”. Put 2-3 drops of the oil directly on the desired area and massage in. Remember that just 1 drop of oil goes a long way! 🌿

Dietary: Yes, dietary…Young Living oils are completely safe to take internally! Personally, I would NOT ingest any other brand of essential oils. Young Living has a “seed to seal”guarantee which means their oils are completely pure from the seed they put in the ground to the bottling of the oil (more on that here).  The Vitality line of essential oils are for internal use. My favorite way to take oils internally is to put a drop or two of oil in a capsule and swallow. You can also add a drop of oil (like peppermint 😋) to water, tea, coffee, smoothies, NingXia Red, etc. Lastly, there are oils you can add to meals when cooking, such as, dill, black pepper, or oregano.

Dillute: you might see the term “carrier oil” which means that an oil, such as olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil can be used to dilute an essential oil. I love carrier oils because it makes the essential oil last longer. A carrier oil will not effect or alter the quality of the essential oil. My favorite way to dilute essential oils is to add about 10-20 drops of an essential oil to a 10 ml empty rollerball, and then fill the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil. 😀

Always remember to read the labels, as some oils like oregano and cinnamon bark are considered “hot” meaning they will burn the skin if applied neat.


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